Top 10 Most Exotic Sea Creatures

According to studies, there are over 8.7 million species in the universe. In renewable energy vs fossil fuels debate, some people still can’t understand the impact of pollution to our environment. We both know you have not seen even half of these animals and you are not even aware of the existence of some of these creatures. Well, there is evidence of photos on the internet that these creatures exist. The sea is the most endowed habitant with unique, cute and ugly animals, which are so exotic that it is hard to believe they live.


1. Glaucus Atlanticus


Also known as the blue dragon, this warm ocean creature is one of the gorgeous animals in the water. It is about once inch sea slag which attracts any beachgoer with its fascinating blue color. Despite its attractive looks, the blue dragon sting is very dangerous.


2. Goblin shark


With a protruding snout and nail like teeth, the goblin shark looks so unusual and dangerous. The species lives in the deep sea and grows up to 12 feet in length. Due to its strange looks and fewer studies about it, this shark is associated with mythical tales.


3. Dumbo Octopus


These funny looking creatures live about 25000 feet in the sea. Unlike ordinary octopus, this dumbo octopus has a pair of ear-like fins on their mantle and webbing between its arms making it look beautifully funny.


4. Coffinfish


This ball-like fish is a unique looking sea toad which inflates its body with air to grow up to 8 inches. Its body is bright pink and has black and white spines.


5. Stargazer fish


This 24 inches sea animal derives its name from its eyes that are on the top of its head and the big upward-facing mouth. Although it looks ugly, this fish has unique characteristics which include electrocuting other animals.


6. Kiwa puravida


Kiwa resembles a crab although its claws have far. The species is yellow and grows up to about 5.9 inches in length. It has no eyes and therefore uses the far on the claws for sensitivity.


7. Blobfish


This fish resembles a fat head with a distorted face. It is about one foot long and pink in color. The creature is considered one of the ugliest in the world.


8. Bioluminescent octopus


The name of this brown translucent creature is derived from the natural light that it emits to attract preys. This sea species grows up to 4 inches in length and 1.6 inches in width. It has eight un-equal tentacles and two webs which give it an umbrella-like shape.

9. Christmas tree worm


As the name suggests, this deep sea creature resembles a Christmas tree. It has a 1.5 inches long tube body with two brightly colored crowns. it uses these protrusions for feeding, and they can retract when the warm feel threatened.


10. Vampire squid


The squid is a bioluminescent creature which exists in the absolute darkness of the deep sea. It has eight webbed arms and grows to a maximum length of about 12 inches. This ugly creature has an unusual jelly-like body which produces a gel substance when the squid is in danger.