Narwhals – Habitat

Narwhals inhabit northern hemisphere and seem to prefer the coldest water of all cetacean. Since the Narwhal Whale has special requirements for habitat, the species does not have an extended range. Narwhals are usually found in areas packed with ice and can rarely be seen due to their liking deep waters.

Habitat of the Narwhal Whale differs slightly depending on the season. In summer, the species is found in deep bays and fjords. The eastern Canadian Arctic and northwest Greenland are the home for the largest known population of the Narwhal Whale. This is where Narwhal Whales are believed to give birth to their offspring.

Narwhals – Migration

Depending on conditions, Narwhals prefer various areas. It has been established that in spring, Narwhals of the eastern Arctic population move north. Summer months bring about ice dispersal causing Narwhals to head for inlets and fjords. In October, when new ice is formed, Narwhal Whales move south and remain in icy waters of Davis Strait and Disko Island till spring.

Narwhals – Feeding Habits

The Narwhal Whale uses a variety of food available at the moment. Fish, shrimps, and squid are the main items of Narwhal Whale diet. Cod, octopus, and other prey also constitute the species diet. To locate prey, Narwhals use echolocation. They navigate in deep waters and feed intensively in spring. Since the species has few functional teeth, it sucks water and pushes it out with prey left in the stomach. Narwhals have a very flexible neck that helps to scan vast territories for food.