Narwhal Tusk facts did you know

Narwhal Tusk

Narwals are the most popular for their Tusks. They look majestic. They are closely related to Beluga whales. They are dar as they are young and when they become old, they turn white. They have two teeth, and the teeth grow into a spiral tusk that can grow up to 10 feet long. Scientists are not sure about the tusk’s purposes, but many believe that the males have it as a characteristic of their gender, and to impress the female during the mating season.

It is a tooth:

Nobody will believe if we were to say that it is a tooth, but in reality, it is. Its scientific name is Monodon Monoceros which means in Greek “One-tooth one-horn”, It grows through the upper lip, and can reach a majestic 10 feet.

The only one that is straight:

It is the only tusk in the world that is straight, and all others have a curve. It may not curve, but it has a spiral shape, and they spiral to the left. Even if a second grows, they are left turning.


Two canines?

The task grows in males generally, and only a less number of females grow the tusk. One in 500 males grow two tusks, and there is only one female with two tusks. The Narwhals have two canine teeth that grow into the tusk.

Why they have it?

The purpose of the Tisk is unclear, and there are conflicting opinions on it. They are not for fighting either. Many of the experts believe that they are there to impress the females during the mating season. However, females can also grow the tusks, but compared to the male tusks they are small. Only a few numbers of females grow tusks, while this is a male characteristic.


The tusk is a wonder of its own. It has millions of holes, and nerve endings on the surface. The seawater comes through the small holes, and the nerve ending sends important information to the brain. This information can be off the water or any of their surroundings.



Many of the experts believe that it is a gender characteristic. It can be similar to a lion mane. This is because the Tusk a very little function in the body, and Narwhal will do fine without it. However, there are conflicting opinions on it.


The tusk is strong as well as flexible. It can bend at least a foot before breaking. This is important for a long tusk.

No captivity:

Narwals are not meant to be captive. Many attempts were made to capture it, but all ended up in the death of the creatures. Within certain months of capture, the animals died.


Narwhals are magnificent creatures. They are known for their skin as well as their tusks. There are various places where hunting Narwhals is legal, but it’s better to find out whether you can transport the tusks back to your country.


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